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Sega Master System Switchless Region Mod Install Guide

Mod Pinout

Master System switchless region mod by Seb & Wolfsoft pinout

Solder Maps

Remove Original LED

1 - Remove the LED from top side of the board

2 - Lift one side of the resistor labelled R5 (VA1) or R50 (VA3). This will disconnect the LED pads from the Master System board and allow you to control the new LED from the modchip. You can choose to cut the trace but lifting the resistor pin is non-destructive.

3 - Insert the new LED into the original plastic LED sleeve that was removed from the board. You will leave the Short Outer lead (green) of the LED as the free lead.

4 - Put a 90 degree outwards bend in this short outer lead that is just slightly higher than the bottom of the plastic LED sleeve.

5 - Solder a wire to the bent lead. It will be more difficult once the LED has be soldered in place. Cover the lead/wire connection with heatshrink.

6 - Place the new LED into the original LED holes. The free Short Outer lead (green) will be towards the Master System card slot on the right.

7 - Solder the new LED in on the bottom side of the board.

8 - The wire that runs from the short out lead of the LED can be routed under the chip for a neater install, this will then need taking to the hole and through to the bottom side of the board and soldered to pin 6.

9 - Wire pin 5 to the LED pad, this will be the long outer lead of the LED.

Cut 1 - Reset

coming soon.

Cut 2 - 50/60Hz

Coming soon.