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Nintendo GameCube Swiss DVD Mod Kit

Nintendo GameCube Swiss DVD Mod Kit

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GameCube Kit Options: Swiss DVD-R

Ritek G04 are all gone. Due to the scarcity of quality blank mini DVD-R media that the GameCube likes, I am looking at producing a genuine glass mastered mini DVD that contains the boot process to load Swiss from an SD card. Until then I have none Ritek discs.

Mod Kit Includes:

  • 1 x Latest version of Swiss on Ritek G04 mini DVD-R
  • 1 x Plastic DVD Envelope
  • DVD is burned and verified with a genuine Plextor drive at 4X


  • Access to attached media to load homebrew.
  • SD2SP2, SD Gecko/WiiSD, GL Loader, etc.
  • Patch games for 16/9, 480p, etc.

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