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Nintendo 64

This page is a work in progress.

Power Connector


Output Audio/Video Connector


RGB Encoder


Video Display Processor


Controller Port Pinout


Video Rate

The video rate of the Nintendo 64 console is controlled by the game. This means that if you run an NTSC game on a PAL console, it will display in 60Hz. However, there are no hardware mods to allow NTSC games to run on a PAL system without butchering two consoles in the process. The easiest way to run games in 60Hz on a PAL console is to buy a flashcart like the Everdrive 64 and run the NTSC versions. But this also comes with another problem. NTSC games will display in black and white or not at all through the standard PAL N64 video output. In order to overcome this the installation of an RGB mod is necessary. This in reality is a great solution. N64 consoles need RGB modding regardless and an Everdrive is cheaper than collecting for this system.

As displayed on OSSC.

60Hz NTSC console

Standard Forced 50Hz

50Hz PAL Console

Standard Forced 60Hz

Capacitor Lists



  • No RGB output
  • 50/60Hz video rate is controlled by the game
  • NTSC-U consoles can run NTSC-J cartridges with a simple internal modification of the cartridge port