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Sony PlayStation

This page is a work in progress.

Power Connector

Original Models (SCPH-100X/550X/700X/7500X/900X)

The original PlayStation uses an internal power supply with an external C7 Figure of 8 plug.

PS One (SCPH-10X)

The redesigned PlayStation uses an external power supply unit.

Plug Type Coaxial / Barrel Connector
Size 4.75mm Outer Diameter / 1.7mm Inner Diameter
Voltage 7.5V DC
Amperage 2.2A
Polarity Center Positive

Output Audio/Video Connector


RGB Encoder


Video Display Processor


Controller Port Pinout


Video Rate

As displayed on OSSC.

60Hz NTSC console

Standard Forced 50Hz

50Hz PAL Console

Standard Forced 60Hz

Capacitor Lists