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Sega Mega Drive Switchless Region Mod Kit

Sega Mega Drive Switchless Region Mod Kit

Price: £11.00
Stock: 3
Quantity123 - Unlimited

Mod Kit Includes:

  • 1 x Mega Drive Mod-board (Switchless Region / In-Game-Reset)
  • 1 x Mega Drive LED board
  • 1 x Kingbright 'Red (Yellow) Green' LED
  • Plus pre-wired JST connector
  • Plus pre-stuck adhesive pads


  • Multi region / Region free
  • Change region using the reset button
  • 50/60Hz video rate selection for full speed, full screen gaming
  • English / Japanese language selection (dependent on game)
  • Pad for DFO
  • Works with both active high and active low reset

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